Our company has over 20 years of experience of emergency medicine and emergency medicine training as well as providing training on travel related issues and illness during travel. We provide training for companies, hospitals, health centres and medical centres. Our training staff consists of experienced emergency doctors and anaesthetists, emergency nurses and acute medicine nurses as well as our traveller’s medical service professionals. In our training, we take into account the customer's or company’s specific needs and operating circumstances.

EMA organizes medical courses which are approved and certified by the Europen Resuscitation Council. The courses will give candidates good knowledge on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other threatening emergencies.

The courses comprise:

* Lectures
* Workshops
* Simulation training

ALS (Advanced Life Support)

The European Resuscitation Council (ERC) has developed its Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider course, based on ERC guidelines. it is a standardized European course teaching evidence-based resuscitation guidelines and skills to helthcare professionals. The ALS course provides a standardized approach to cardiopilmonary resuscitation in adults. The ALS course aims to train candidates to recognize patients danger of deterioration, identify the cause of cardiac arrest and manage both the cardiac arrest and the `peri-arrest´problems encoutered immeadiately after initial resuscitation.

Candidaets' knowledge is assessed by means of a multiple-choice questionnaire. Practical skills in airway management and the initiaö approach to a collapsed patient (including basic life support and defibrillation where appropriate) are assessed countinuously. There is also an assessment of a simulated cardiac arrest (CASTest). Candidates reaching the required standard receive an ALS provider certificate.

ILS (Immediate Life Support)

The immediate Life Support course is a multidisciplinary 1-day course which proveides the essential knowledge and skills that are important in the initial phase of treating a critically ill patient who needs resuscitation. Therefore, it is ideally suited for the training of healthcare providers at all stages and levels.

EPALS (European Pediatric Advanced Life Support)

The EPALS course is designed for all healtcare professionals who are likely to be involved, either as a team member or team leader, in the resuscitation of child, infant or newborn whether in hospital or out of hospital. The course aims to provide caregivers with the knowlegde and skills needed for managing a critically ill child during the first hour of illness, and preventing progression to cardiac arrest. Emphasis is given also to team management and non-technical skills.

Courses will be organized worldwide upon request. Candidates, who accomplish course acceptably, get certificate which is valid worldwide up to five years.

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