Healthcare services

The EMA Finland recruits and supplies healthcare professionals to companies and the municipal sector all over Finland. EMA aims to meet its customer’s needs and requirements as fully as possible.

Traveller’s medical service and patient transfers

Our “Care around the globe” traveller’s medical service ensures that a patient who has fallen ill or sustained an injury abroad receives appropriate care. The service includes medical consultations, monitoring the care of a hospitalised patient and patient transfers.

24-hour medical assistance and advice service

Travellers abroad fall ill and suffer injuries outside the office hours as well. The need for patient transfers may also arise unexpectedly. Our 24-hour service is meant for the employees in insurance companies and other organisations who deal with medical emergencies/injuries abroad.


Our company has over 20 years of experience of emergency medicine and emergency medicine training as well as providing training on travel related issues and illness during travel. We provide training for companies, hospitals, health centres and medical centres.